GSC Editing

GSC Editing provides editing services to writers of fiction, non-fiction and technical documents. We provide instructional as well as turn-key editing.

Instructional Editing

If you're just learning to write, or if you're looking to improve your self-editing capabilities, we can edit your documents in a way that will provide guidance and suggestions. We won't tell you what to write; we'll try to show you how to write it better.

Turn-key Editing

We also provide final, end-result editing services. You send us a document and we'll edit it into final form. You retain copyright and all other rights to your work. We'll even go so far as to ghost-write your non-fiction work, but you'll need to provide us with all the information necessary to complete the task. On rare occasions we may enter into split-credit arrangements, wherein the authorship of a work credits both you and us, but this is an option that must be broached by the writer, not GSC Editing.


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