About GSC Editing

GSC Editing is a division of Galaxy Systems Corporation (GSC), a consulting firm incorporated in 1985 in the State of Virginia. Over the years, GSC has found that a significant portion of its work involved instruction and documentation.

One employee (Your Editor) even found himself--through a series of circumstances--editing the writings of published novelists, as well as publishing stories of his own.

After a time, it only seemed logical to create a division of GSC to provide these services officially and as a separate service from its consulting work.

Thus, this web site.

GSC realizes that so-called "writers' editing services" from time to time suffer from dubious reviews and reputations, but legitimate editing services do have to exist and provide this service, or else most writing would look like the dumpster gleanings from a secondary-school creative writing class. GSC hopes to persuade you that our services are worthwhile and of value to your education as a writer or, if you're looking for turn-key editing, of value to your project, company or establishment.

If you have writing that needs the benefit of an extra pair of eyes, please consider our free evaluation offer on the Contact GSC page.