Your Editor

Your Editor as Editorisauras RexThat's right. Your editor is a dinosaur. He holds to the antediluvian premise that what a writer puts down in black and white should be readable and understandable and--especially if fiction--enjoyable by the writer's target audience.

And if non-fiction, that the prose should at minimum be clear and non-sleep-inducing.


E. Rex (as we affectionately call him) began writing since before the onset of acne. But he has written professionally since about 1990 and edited, or helped to edit, nearly a dozen novels and numerous short stories. He has also written and published a number of short stories of his own in competitive markets. Because Galaxy Systems Corporation has, in the past and currently, serviced customers with politically-sensitive needs, E. Rex has had his work published under a pseudonym. But when he works with you, he will contact you as Joseph Erhardt, his nom de réalité.


E. Rex's skull isn't just filled with fossilized ideas. He knows much of what it takes to make prose clear and correct. He knows, for example, that a footnote has nothing to do with the trimming of nails, and that a semicolon has nothing to do with the human appendix.

Among his other ancient powers, he can Actually Pluralize Symbols. He can enter and exit a flashback without bumping his not-inconsiderable ego. And if you're writing a period piece, he knows the difference between shall and will. Of which he will teach you. And of which you shall learn.

E. Rex knows that writers comprise the last defense against lingual corruption and societal disintegration. And he hopes that you will join him in the battle!